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( closed ) No longer I can justify the bloodshed in his name

WHO: Leliana & various closed threads (for now - open stuff later)
WHAT: Wicked Grace night goes horribly wrong and Leliana is kind of dying
WHEN: forward dated to the night of the 22nd, post-assassination attempt
WHERE: Leliana's creepy Rookery chamber place
1. Pretentious images in the main post and starters in the comments because I'm a bit ridiculous.

2. Content warning for attempted murder/violence/poison/all that implies.

3. Party style threading is welcome and encouraged, it might make it a bit easier to discuss side matters after the initial discovery.

4. This will probably open up for including other threads and stuff that can be forward dated, but initially just closed.

5. There will be some terrible poetry in here and I'm not even sorry; it is only one in a series that will be left around Skyhold and will be posted later. Belle, Jansen & Libby are beautiful humans for enduring my rambles.

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Josephine notices that something is wrong the moment she steps foot into the room. Leliana is many things (fierce, frustrating, passionate) but she is certainly not careless.

She tries to tell herself it is nothing to worry about, that what they have motion is wearing them all down and it would be short-sighted to believe that Leliana, for all her strength, could be immune from their stress.

Nevertheless, her fear eats away at her and settles upon her chest in the shape of trepidation.

Josephine sets down the wine and nibbles she'd brought with her on the nearest available flat service, and scans her surroundings for any sign of Leliana's whereabouts.

The door to her chambers is open.

"Leliana?" Josephine calls out, just in case Leliana is in the middle of something, does not wish to be interrupted. Yet even as she's calling, she's walking, towards the room --

-- and that's when she sees the body on the floor.

It takes a moment for her mind to process what she's seeing: the body; Leliana's body; Leliana.

Once it does, however, it's as though everything happens at once. Without thinking, she's knelt down by her friend's side, almost touching but refraining at the last moment, in case whatever has afflicted Leliana can affect her as well. Her mouth is moving without her knowing and it is only once she has said it once, twice, thrice, that she realises she is shrieking Leliana's name.

It's only then that she notices the blinking. The blinking! How had she missed that before? She could weep, almost does, but not before whispering, "Oh, thank the Maker you're alive."

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Dorian has brought wine for the occasion, which isn't exactly an act of generousity, considering its one of many he's outright stolen from the Inquisition's cellar. He also completely expects Josie to complain charmingly at him about it, and he expects to be able to deflect even more charmingly. Ruffling Ruffles' ruffles is, all the time, good sport.

But his mind turns from that, very quickly, when the shrieking starts.

He arrives swiftly, heralded by a heavy-footed dash up the stairs, into the chamber, then towards the other open door. He's wielding Orlesian wine and not his staff, but that doesn't stop a crackle of electricity from dancing across the backs of both his knuckles in preparation to electrocute whatever's making Josephine wail so.


Magic crackles, dies. In a rush, Dorian puts the bottle down, a noisy thump of glass to wood.
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Spend a little time with people his own age, get away from the baby, play cards, drink. Things he has needed desperately for some time and only just now managed to wrangle- he'd been looking forward to the evening quite a bit. Dressed for the occasion, took time to sand off the rough edges left by sleeplessness and child rearing to be more of his old self again. It felt right to be thus and he had a spring in his step that'd been absent as he made his way to the room-

Where Dorian is sprinting in, magic in hand-

Where Josephine shrieks Leliana's name-

Zevran follows swift and silent, slipping daggers from his sleeves between one moment and the next, tucked into the shadows until it is plain there is no present danger-

"Touch nothing." Breathing, blinking- life remains but for how long? He smells no blood, sees no true signs of struggle, no wires, no traps, no needle like bolts she might have pulled from her skin to spare herself a poison.
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Josephine does not need telling twice, and gives herself enough space to shuffle several spaces backwards as though to lower her likelihood of disturbing the evidence. All the while, she doesn't take her eyes off Leliana's face.

Quietly, she speaks without turning her head. "Is there anything you can do for her, Dorian?"