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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Open post for Justinian
WHEN: Covering the first three weeks of the month!
WHERE: Josephine's office; various.
NOTES: Hit me up either via PM or @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like an individualised starter!

In a way, very little has changed since Josephine first joined the Inquisition. She spends most of her days in her office, poring over the organisation's correspondence, doing her small part in influencing the world.

Yet, everything has changed, also, and those close to the Ambassador, or just particularly observant, might notice that her work and lack of sleep have been weighing even more heavily on her of late. Although she wears it in the bags of her eyes and the slight slump of her shoulders, Josephine does not allow her exhaustion to reach her smile.

Anyone who enters the office, for any reason at all, will be met with a graceful tilt of the head and a question along the lines of, "What can I do for you today?"

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War Table Mission: Deliver Sandwiches.
Secrets: send agents to ensure sandwiches arrive, when no one expects them.

Leliana walks from the War Room, inexplicably, and without knocking.

"Is this a bad time?" Look at those convenient sandwiches.
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Don't judge the sandwiches, Josie. They are all Antiva inspired, for the sake of mild emotional bribery. It's not their fault they are flaw free and delicious.

Leliana, despite the jest, actually considers the question. "No." A jest of her own, mind - she would, unless the reason for her intrusion involved assassins and attempts made on Josie's life.

"Can't I simply want to visit one of my oldest friends?"
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She laughs, at that. More than the quiet breaths of amusement that she usually offers, in recent days. It is not near so relaxed or so free as she has been in years past, but it is a little less constricted. Leliana shrugs, then, palms upwards in the universal symbol of who, me?, which is less than convincing. She does not really intend it to be persuasive.

"Would I be so heavy handed in acquiring your attention?"
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More than once she has considered how to deliver this news, and she still isn't entirely settled on it. Leliana allows her mouth to quirk is an amused kind of smile, though whether it is mirthful or her own dangerous brand of sarcasm and something else is not entirely transparent.

"Oh, well. Morrigan and I are involved." Light, edging on flippancy, in part to gauge Josephine's reaction, to see if it is taken as the joke that it is offered as, or if she will dissect it. Josephine, of anyone, is more likely to be charitable, a bar by which to judge all others.
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"Of course. Shapeshifting is critical to culinary espionage."

What else would I mean, her tone seems to suggest, though she leans back in the chair as she claims it, one leg crossed over the other, and raises an eyebrow in turn.

After a quiet meoment, "Should I anticipate a lecture?"
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Josie, please. Leliana doesn't meddle - she simply stages concerned inventions in the best interests of those dear to her heart. That is nothing to be apologetic for, surely? Holding out her hands so they are palm up and open, Leliana quirks her brow in a silent me? sort of gesture.

She would never meddle, let's never speak of this terrible accusation again.

Her hands return to her lap, folded, and Leliana is silent for a few moments in response to all Josie has said. Does she know what she's doing? Part of her genuinely wonders.

"I have only told yourself and Zevran, though he does not know that anything has happened. Only that I was..." Her nose wrinkles, distasteful, "Mired."

Feelings, the most terrible of things to be mired in. Terrible. "Alistair jokes about it." And now, there is a sly smile. "He will be horrified."
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"Mired, yes." It is very difficult to adapt from the consideration that desire was dangerous - Leliana had become the Left Hand, after all, after meeting Dorothea when she was struggling to retrieve papers Marjolaine had stolen during a seduction. Love was an ideal, and not one Leliana had been party to since Marjolaine. Lust and desire could not be indulged when they bought such risks. And now...?

Josephine Montilyet. The Lady Ambassador is rewarded with the sharp upward tick of an eyebrow, Leliana's head tilting just slightly to the side. "That information is highly classified," comes the dry reply.
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She decides to throw Josie a bone. Leaning forward, conspiratorial in a way that better suited them when they were younger and more carefree and inciting chaos in Val Royeaux,

"A desk may have been involved."

Far more innocently than she is letting it sound, it is worth adding, but Leliana smiles enigmatically when she plucks a sandwich of her own from the plate.
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"Only a desk, and only talking. I'm ashamed of myself."

Leliana tears the edge off the sandwich, and keeps tearing pieces off it in a slow, spiralling pattern, in a solid ribbon of bread. A habit of years ago, one rarely seen any more. "I feel ridiculous even talking about it."