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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Open post for Justinian
WHEN: Covering the first three weeks of the month!
WHERE: Josephine's office; various.
NOTES: Hit me up either via PM or @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like an individualised starter!

In a way, very little has changed since Josephine first joined the Inquisition. She spends most of her days in her office, poring over the organisation's correspondence, doing her small part in influencing the world.

Yet, everything has changed, also, and those close to the Ambassador, or just particularly observant, might notice that her work and lack of sleep have been weighing even more heavily on her of late. Although she wears it in the bags of her eyes and the slight slump of her shoulders, Josephine does not allow her exhaustion to reach her smile.

Anyone who enters the office, for any reason at all, will be met with a graceful tilt of the head and a question along the lines of, "What can I do for you today?"

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Healing Tents

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He's been stirring the same cup of tea for several moments before he realizes that someone's come in. Anders jerks upright, nearly knocking his cat off his lap and murmuring hasty apologizes to her as he gets up to look at who has just come in. It takes a moment for recognition to settle in; he'd gotten altogether too used to another mind keeping track of the people around him.

"Ambassador. I... Did you... Tea?"
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"It's not." He's not quite functioning completely just yet, but he can make tea. Anders gets up and refills the kettle from a pitcher before touching its side and heating the water with fire. The leaves get added before he gives her a small shrug. "There's no shortcut for steeping, but it'll be ready shortly here."

Then he pauses as the question of why she's here finally reaches his mind.

"Are you here for something? I should have asked that first but my thoughts aren't altogether in order, I'm sorry." If she's ill he should probably get another healer; he doesn't have the focus today to be of much use.
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Oh. Him. He suddenly wishes he was working a bit better. Anders pulls out one of the extra mugs for her tea before glancing back at Josephine.

"I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that question. I'm not possessed, which is good. I'm not beaten to a bloody pulp, that's just a lot of the people I care about, which I'm not really counting as good." At least he can attempt jokes. And he can pour tea into a cup, that gets counted as good.

"Sugar? We're short on cream at the moment. And a little short on focus. I'm sorry." He's trying. There's just suddenly so much to fill his mind when Justice isn't constantly talking.