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[open] you're like a mirror, reflecting me

WHO: Iron Bull and all comers. That means you. Yes, you.
WHAT: Keeping the fort down at Skyhold.
WHEN: End of Kingsway (August)
WHERE: Sparring Ring, Tavern, and other varied locations around Skyhold.
NOTES: n/a, will add as needed.

He was going to need to find something to fight, soon.

Not that a break wasn't nice and all, but after being laid up months ago with that shit that had happened in the Fade, and sitting out all the bullshit going on in Halamshiral, Bull was getting restless. An itch was building that was hard pressed to find a good outlet for scratching. Next big fight that came rolling around? You weren't going to be able to keep him from going.

Some of the newer recruits could use some breaking in, so Bull would occasionally take a break from the training of his own Chargers to take on anyone who thought they might be able to handle themselves in the ring against him. And of course, any sore feelings would find a balm in quickly being offered a jovial pat on the arm and a drink in the Herald's Rest, where Bull occupied his usual corner.

But that restlessness saw him wandering a little more than he was generally prone to. Taking in the battlements, straying towards the garden in the keep's courtyard, poking his head into the library or the rookery, or stealing into the kitchen for a few midday snacks. And hey, if they needed anything heavy moved around the larder, fair was fair.

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Josephine is, all things considered, probably less inclined to wandering than even Bull is. It is uncommon for them to meet unintentionally, but it is one surprisingly clear day that they cross paths in the gardens, and Josephine feels it only polite to greet him.

"It's been a while since we last met," Josephine says, walking up to him with a warm smile on her face. "How have you been?"
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Her gaze drops to the scar, but she does not question it. Instead, she answers, voice light as air, "You don't strike me as the type to complain about much of anything."

It's a nice change, really.
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Josephine cannot help but smile at that remark, corners of her mouth lifting so high that on anyone else the expression would rightly be called a smirk. "There is no meeting planned, but I'll keep that in mind for the future." It is possible that people would get along better in a wide open space.

"I do get out more than once a day, you know," she adds, her tone growing teasing.

Twice is more than once, right?
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Josephine cannot help but laugh at that, corner of her eyes crinkling. "Thank you," she starts, before her tone turns teasing. "Are you saying I should get out more often?"
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She has to grant him that concession. "True," she answers, tilting her head, "but all the same, it woukd be nice to get fresh air more often."
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"I have been coming to the gardens more lately," she says, somewhat confused as to why Bull would need to suggest she should stay away from the stables. Josephine has never much liked horses.

"Do you come out here often?"
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"The gardens are flourishing more than I had anticipated," Josephine muses in response, but there's a sly curve to her smile that suggests she knows exactly what he's referring to. "It is good to know that such beauty can still exist even in this climate."

It's not clear whether she's referring to the freezing Frostbacks, or the state of the world in general.