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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Catch-all log for August.
WHEN: Latter half of August.
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: There's a couple of prompts but feel free to PM/ping me @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like a personalised starter!


The stack of papers on Josephine's desk has grown even larger in the past few weeks, but that does not deter her from methodically ploughing through the pile. Most of the time, she is still keeping her office door open, partly for any inquiries members of the Inquisition might have, but mostly because it feels less lonely that way.


While Josephine might not have much time to smell the roses as it were, it does not stop her from spending what little free time she does have in Skyhold's main gardens. It is a change of routine for the Ambassador, who had previously taken to strolling across the battlements when she had fancied a breath of fresh air.

While the Skyhold gardens may not have quite as many roses as Josephine would like, there is, in fact, a larger array of plants than she had expected and they seem to be thriving.

"I did not expect much of anything to grow here," she murmurs as she enjoys the beauty of the scene around her.

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The door may be open, but Avery still knocks and waits at the entrance to be invited in. Whether or not she'd actually admit it, the Ambassador always makes her a little nervous for some reason. All her fancy words and titles and clothes... Even just seeing her around makes Avery suddenly very aware of her own shabby tunic and trousers, among other things.

In any case, she's here for a task. She shoves that all down and clutches the page in her hand probably a bit too tight, as she mumbles out a quiet, "Ma'am," and nods her head stiffly.
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Entering and approaching slowly, Avery holds up the page a little higher and explains, "The latest inventory and requests from the kitchens. I'm... one of the cooks down there." She tries for a small smile, but it probably comes out looking at least mildly uncomfortable.

"I know there's usually other people this goes through first? But I've a question for you, so I thought I'd just bring it myself." A pause. "If that's alright."
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Oh, right. That.

She simply shakes her head and answers, "No, not yet... I'm Avery."
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"Oh, it's not so much a request as, um..." She trails off for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts. Maybe she should have just left this conversation to someone else. They probably could've done a much better job of it.

"Sister Nightingale spoke to me recently, about my possibly taking over cooking all the meals for you and the other Advisors. So, actually, I guess I wondered if you had any requests maybe? Favorite dishes or something you'd rather avoid or... something. I don't know."
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Avery frowns, not completely sure what to make of her response, and slowly answers, "I don't think it's been decided or anything. She just asked me if I'd be up for it." Maybe this was a bad idea from the start...

Still, she barrels on, "I don't think she's wrong though, if that matters. I mean, whether it's me or not, after what happened to her maybe it's best to be more careful about who gets near your food and drink from now on."
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Oh, everything from her clothing to her accent to her less than stellar manners scream low-born Fereldan, and currently she is looking a little uncomfortable under the weight of that last statement.

"Yeah, she must do," Avery answers after a moment, trying to sound more sure than she actually is. Honestly, she doesn't know why Leliana chose her for this either. Other than providing meals during her recovery from the poisoning, Avery hasn't done much in her time here to stand out, as far as she's aware. But if the Advisors are willing to trust her with this, well, she's not going to let it pass her by. Both for her own sake, and for theirs.

Who knows who might take up the job if not her, right?
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For her part, Avery lets out a small huff that's almost a laugh, as a little of her discomfort ebbs away. Not a lot, mind you, but a little. Food is a topic she can focus on and not feel strange about. "If you like. I'll try get it all right soon."
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"Got it," Avery responds to that last bit with a raised eyebrow but decides not to ask for the story behind the vehement declaration.

Instead, she continues, "I have actually been learning a few more Antivan and Nevarran meals. Desserts too." She hesitates a moment, slightly nervous for some strange reason. "If you like, I could bring some of the tests up sometimes? You could let me know if I'm getting closer to right?"
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Well, the enthusiasm is certainly a surprise for Avery, but not an unpleasant one at all.

"Yeah?" she confirms quickly. "All right. I'll be sure to do that then."
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Avery follows her gaze, but it still takes a moment for the thought to click in place. "Oh! Of course. I'll leave you to it then, ma'am."