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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Catch-all log for August.
WHEN: Latter half of August.
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: There's a couple of prompts but feel free to PM/ping me @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like a personalised starter!


The stack of papers on Josephine's desk has grown even larger in the past few weeks, but that does not deter her from methodically ploughing through the pile. Most of the time, she is still keeping her office door open, partly for any inquiries members of the Inquisition might have, but mostly because it feels less lonely that way.


While Josephine might not have much time to smell the roses as it were, it does not stop her from spending what little free time she does have in Skyhold's main gardens. It is a change of routine for the Ambassador, who had previously taken to strolling across the battlements when she had fancied a breath of fresh air.

While the Skyhold gardens may not have quite as many roses as Josephine would like, there is, in fact, a larger array of plants than she had expected and they seem to be thriving.

"I did not expect much of anything to grow here," she murmurs as she enjoys the beauty of the scene around her.

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He remembers her from their conversation on the crystals more than for her titles; advisor, ambassador, lady, and so on are all titles that many people across many centuries have had. Some have deserved it, but not all. Josephine stands out for her curiosity (and alarm) about the blood oxen, for her wistfulness about whales.

He walks like a man, feet on the ground, because it uses less energy where once levitating was the most efficient. It also serves not to frighten people; it's certainly a good thing to be able to do, but it isn't what he wants to do in this case. Instead he walks in, knocking as an afterthought as he's part of the way through the door.

"I saw whales," he informs her, even as he comes to her desk and sets a blood oxen token carved of horn upon it.
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"Near Rivain." There is a slight smile on his face even as he thinks of them, something that is hard for the unobservant to notice. He is still practicing emoting, but he is getting better. "A mother and her calf, in the bay; the calf was likely too young to head out into deeper waters. They surfaced by the ship."

And he had all but fallen overboard in excitement.

"The horn, I'm afraid, is from one of your common cows, but I thought it might better show you what the blood oxen in my world look like."
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There are differences, of course, but she is right; they are fairly subtle, as far as cattle that eat other animals go. Still, she has seen, now; perhaps someday she will see a live one, and the matter of blood oxen will be a curious point once more.

"I enjoyed it, though perhaps it was the proximity to the sea -- much of my leisure time was, I admit, spent wandering the shore. I would have liked to see it before the annulment, I believe. Traditions such as those in Rivain are hidden in my own world, as they are in other parts of Thedas, and we were there on a mission." There is a slight quirk of his lips, but it is dry, humorless. "Of course, in this world, mages are brought away out of the public eye. In my own, they and any suspected of magic are killed. If they are lucky, it even happens quickly."
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Many, the Outsider suspects, did not truly understand. Now they are forced to. Of course it makes them feel uncomfortable, and the Outsider tilts his head, studying her for a moment. He has had four thousand years of practice -- it isn't terribly hard for him to see someone trying to be diplomatic, someone who doesn't know what to believe or what to do.

"As do I." He would like to see it again when the Templars aren't destroying everything. Tilting his head to the other side, there is a soft hum. "Perhaps you could visit those who returned with us, the mages that survived. I imagine they would appreciate it."
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"The refugee camp, I believe. Araceli would likely know for certain." There is a faint smile, and the Outsider lifts a hand and gestures toward his face, his all-black eyes. "I try not to startle anyone who may attempt to call me a demon and attack me for it, so I tend to not stray toward- more public housing."
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It likely would not settle her any, but the Outsider is used to it. He is feared and reviled simply for being who and what he is, in his own world. Those who honor him, those who use his gifts, are killed for it. Many others are framed for the crime of doing so. Thedas is different only in that he must be in the physical, mortal realm -- but he is more than capable, he believes, of defending himself.

He also does have to sleep, now. That's- irritating, and the question of lodgings receives a slight shake of his head. "I tend to wander. I did not need sleep before coming here, at least not in the past several thousand years. It has been difficult to grow accustomed to, but even when I did sleep, I slept in worse places than a corner in a fortress such as this." Don't worry about him, Josephine.
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For their comfort, more for their sake; he will not harm them unless they do something first. Still, he supposes that counts, and so he does not correct her. "There are a few I do not unnerve overly much, but I believe most already share their rooms or do not have space in their current lodgings for another. But as I said- I have slept in worse places." Yet he won't say don't worry outloud. It is- nice, in part, but it also serves to remind her of the people in the Inquisition more than the players above them, the pieces she must maneuver like a master or risk it all. Those in power often lose themselves to it, but he is always pleased when someone shows some humanity.
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There is a pause, and the Outsider tilts his head. "Define 'enough'. I imagine you mean more than one? Up until recently, when I was forced to acquire more clothing, I had next to no possessions other than a sword I acquired and what I arrived here wearing."
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There is a blink, and then a slight laugh. "I must admit- I prefer the chill. The first trace I traveled that was not Skyhold was the Western Approach, and I became quite burnt." Considering he's still extremely pale, it's probably not hard to imagine just how red he must have been.

"In any case, I do not have any blankets, which I suppose is less than 'enough'. I think I would petrify the quartermaster."
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There is a pause. He is thoughtful, but- puzzled, almost. When the Outsider speaks again it is slowly, with care and consideration placed in each word. He is testing them all out, uncertain; for someone with as much skill with people as Josephine, it's likely apparent that this is all rather new.

"It is not- so much a question of need. Many things could be done to improve them. It is..." A soft frown, a little shake of his head, and he continues. "I am not accustomed to being offered comfort, or being treated as though I am human. Even when I was human, there were dogs treated better. I do not mean to sound- ungrateful."
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Something like a shrug ripples over his shoulders. There is nothing that can be done for his childhood, and for his existence in the Void- well, he was alone, but he could See. That in itself was something, though the glimpses were often horrible. It was different than the now, and that is both the important part and the problem.

"You have your family," he says, suspects; he tilts his head, looks her over. "Born into money, or at the very least, you were middle class. Enough that you ate well, lived comfortably. There are others in all worlds who were not so fortunate, and many with power in all worlds who would do nothing to help them. You have, at least, offered one person born in such circumstances such kindness." There is a little smile. "Even if he was changed, became something that until arriving in Thedas did not need to ear or sleep. It is refreshing to see the goodness in people -- it was even when I was more apart. It is perhaps even more so, now that I find it- wanted."
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She is embarrassed, and he finds it fascinating to watch -- fascinating, also, to know that he is the reason. There is a moment longer of scrutiny and then the Outsider offers a hand, to help her up if she chooses to take it.

"Perhaps a discussion with the quartermaster to obtain some items will help keep you from worrying about me when you ought to be sleeping. Besides- sitting in ones office all day only gives the illusion that you are aloof, unable to be approached. Being seen would, perhaps, do you well."
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"You will worry, otherwise." There is a faint almost-smile. If she'll accept it, the Outsider will change from the hand hold to offering his arm. He's perfectly aware of how the upper class acts, both the polite ways and the less so, but he tends not to do so. In this case, it feels- appropriate. It almost feels like he wants to.

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