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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Catch-all log for August.
WHEN: Latter half of August.
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: There's a couple of prompts but feel free to PM/ping me @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like a personalised starter!


The stack of papers on Josephine's desk has grown even larger in the past few weeks, but that does not deter her from methodically ploughing through the pile. Most of the time, she is still keeping her office door open, partly for any inquiries members of the Inquisition might have, but mostly because it feels less lonely that way.


While Josephine might not have much time to smell the roses as it were, it does not stop her from spending what little free time she does have in Skyhold's main gardens. It is a change of routine for the Ambassador, who had previously taken to strolling across the battlements when she had fancied a breath of fresh air.

While the Skyhold gardens may not have quite as many roses as Josephine would like, there is, in fact, a larger array of plants than she had expected and they seem to be thriving.

"I did not expect much of anything to grow here," she murmurs as she enjoys the beauty of the scene around her.

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"They're resilient," comes a voice from behind and a bit below Josephine, and there stands the little Dalish again, pale face smudged with dirt and too-large gardening gloves covering her thin hands. Her shard is a bit less visible than normal, but still glows eerily through the thick fabric of her tunic.
"...the plants, that is," she stammers after a pause, "the things that grow here. They were here when you first arrived, but lying dormant and waiting to be coaxed back to life. All they needed was a little nudge." She gestures with her hands, a light pushing motion, then lowers them to her sides again with a more bashful smile. "Welcome back. The flowers have missed you."
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Sina tilts her head. "How so?" she asks, her smile remaining, "they don't ask much of us other than light and air and water, and perhaps a little protection from time to time." She finds that her face feels hot; she's blushing slightly. Looking downward to hide it, she spots a rose on a weak stem; it's unlikely to last more than a few days, and it's a wonder a branch that thin has managed to bloom at all. Glancing back at Josephine for just a moment, Sina then leans down to pluck it-- a bit too easily-- from the shrub.

Pursing her lips a bit anxiously, she takes a few steps toward the ambassador and extends the rose to her. "Here," she says shyly, "it matches you."
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Sina grins, but in a sheepish way, and she looks down when Josephine looks at her. "That's all right," she says with an awkward laugh, "that's why I'm here." She furrows her brow briefly-- wow, wait, where is this going? Nice night for an evening.
", but I'm... I'm sure I couldn't do what you do," she quickly stalls, "which is much more important."
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Self-confidence isn't entirely the issue-- Sina will talk circles around anyone about plant life and how best to grow it. Just... as long as that someone isn't distractingly pretty and in her vicinity. It's a problem.

"Ah," she falters, "well. Thank you." She's gone bright red, and has already started backing away. "...I won't keep you, but it was nice to see you again."