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WHO: Josephine Montilyet and YOU
WHAT: Catch-all log for August.
WHEN: Latter half of August.
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: There's a couple of prompts but feel free to PM/ping me @[ profile] ziskandra if you'd like a personalised starter!


The stack of papers on Josephine's desk has grown even larger in the past few weeks, but that does not deter her from methodically ploughing through the pile. Most of the time, she is still keeping her office door open, partly for any inquiries members of the Inquisition might have, but mostly because it feels less lonely that way.


While Josephine might not have much time to smell the roses as it were, it does not stop her from spending what little free time she does have in Skyhold's main gardens. It is a change of routine for the Ambassador, who had previously taken to strolling across the battlements when she had fancied a breath of fresh air.

While the Skyhold gardens may not have quite as many roses as Josephine would like, there is, in fact, a larger array of plants than she had expected and they seem to be thriving.

"I did not expect much of anything to grow here," she murmurs as she enjoys the beauty of the scene around her.

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"Flowers are pretty durable despite looking so fragile. They can adapt to their surroundings better than most."

To be honest, Ciri had not actually planned on speaking up to Josephine. This is the first time in the two months since her arrival that the young Warden has visited Skyhold's gardens. Turns out that it was a surprisingly peaceful place. Now, she is seated on one of the stone benches, likely standing out in her Warden armor and enjoying the pleasant smell.

"After seeing what they can do in the Anderfels, I am not surprised at what grows anywhere anymore."
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"You'd have to ask someone besides me, sadly. I didn't leave Weisshaupt a lot of the time but folks were always bringing stuff up there to us."

Being a Warden in the Anderfels, she found, was until being a Warden anywhere else. The Ander folk adored them in a way that even Ciri couldn't completely understand and the march to Weisshaupt had been one filled with gifts whenever they passed a group of people.

"I wish I had learned more though but I never was much of a green thumb. My grandmother used to call be a disaster in the garden."
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"Tell me about it because my main weakness seems to be flowers and anything edible. I'd make the worst of dates."

She sighs but chuckles. "Supplies, mostly. Food, bandages and herbs to make potions. Some people brought things like books or puzzles which... it was nice."
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"At least but it is absolutely not romantic at all." The longest sigh. "A little bit. Nessa likes reading, you know? So we were in the library a lot of the time. I mostly read over the old battle maps from former Blights."