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[ OPEN ] You'd Think I'd Know Where I'm Going

WHO: Jim Kirk & You
WHAT: Late catch-all for late August
WHEN: Roughly August 15 - August 31 (feel free to backdate for timey-wimey necessitiy)
WHERE: Around Skyhold
NOTES: Flirting, charmingness, possible bad language, possible head-butting, possible fights, general shenanigans

After the emotional trek to Asher's home and back, Kirk found that he was rather glad to be back within the walls of Skyhold. It was familiar and comforting and he knew what he could do here to keep his mind off things. To keep his mind off the passing of a friend that could have been, keep his mind off injustices in Orelais, keep his mind off his own situation. Funny, how death brought those things to surface with startling clarity.

He can be found in the early mornings running around Skyhold's perimeter, followed quickly by moving to working on his horsemanship at the barn (which in variably also means that he will spend some quality time around the bog unicorn, which in his mind he has unofficially adopted). More often than not he is also accompanied by a small black and white cat who has something suspiciously like a mustache on its upper lip. Don't tell Anders.

From there things are a bit more difficult when it came to finding ways to fill his time, except on the days when he was teaching lessons in math, science, and hand-to-hand self-defense. That latter of which he can now join in on since he has fully recovered from his previous injuries. It meant that more people were hitting the dirt, but that's how it was supposed to be. You didn't learn if you didn't come out with a bruise or two.

Of course he usually finds his way around to the library, usually in search of another story to read since he's not much of one for the historical texts anymore, biased as they tend to be in his view. Maybe he's napping. What? It's comfortable there. But why just ready about places in the library when he can out and explore in the woods outside Skyhold? Granted, he never goes far, but it's something and for just a bit he can pretend he's Captain Kirk exploring a new and exciting planet again. Let the Rifter have his tiny fantasy. (Invariably, Leonard the Cat tends to join him on this too, complete with fashioned harness and leash to keep him from wandering to far.)

And if all else fails he makes his way to the tavern, where he can easily be convinced to share a drink, sing a song, or maybe turn the tables and convince you to play some chess.
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Josephine's visits to the tavern have turned infrequent over time, but on this particular day she is on her way back to her office after attending to a matter regarding the Inquisition's wise stores when she spots the man and his chessboard sitting at a nearby table.

She can't help but make her way over, her eyebrows lifted in amusement. "Do you get much competition here in the tavern?" she asks.
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She eyes the board for several moments, clearly considering his request. Slowly, she answers, "I do believe I have the time."
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Ah. Sometimes it takes her a moment to remember that she not everyone necessarily knows who she is, despite her role on the Inquisition. "Josephine Montilyet, Ambassador for the Inquisition."

Introduction said, she gathers her skirts as she slides into the seat across the table.
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"It is hard to get around as much as I would like," Josephine admits, scrutinizing the board as she contemplates her first move. It is has been a long time since she has last played; she hopes her skills are not too rusty. "But I do enjoy my role here, although it allows me little time for activities like this."

She shifts her king's pawn forward two spaces, a strong, classic maneuver. It will have to do.
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She shifts her bishop out towards the centre of the board, contemplating his question and wondering how to best put her duties into words to someone who might not be familiar with politics. "I address the Inquisition's diplomatic concerns, whether that be our relations with other parties of note, or securing funding to support Skyhold and our soldiers. I had previously worked as the Antivan ambassador to Orlais, and at the end of the day, it is not so different."
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She laughs a little, mostly because Orlais is one of her favourite places in Thedas, after Antiva of course, but she is starting to truly realise why it might not be to everyone's taste. Moving her own knight in a reflection of the man's move, she answers, "It does keep me very busy. But, I enjoy the challenge."
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Well, now she'll have to do something new, won't she? She takes a moment to consider whether it's too soon in the game to bring out the queen, before either deciding to go on the offense or do something familiar, and she brings out her queen anyway.

"You've had a similar role before, then, I take it?"
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Her eyes lighten up, as they often do once she realises that someone is a rifter. "And now you find yourself in a whole new world entirely. I must confess, I have never spoken with someone who speaks of visiting other worlds with such... normalcy." She leans slightly over the table, moving a knight into position as she keeps up her aggressive front.

"It is fascinsting."
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It is too late now for a change of tactics and so Josephine must continue down the path of aggression. She at least has the advantage of having made the first move, but is not quite so conceited enough to believe that having done so will be enough for her to win this game.

Still, the thrill of competition is enough to sustain her for the moment. "When you put it like that, perhaps it is not so strange. Yet, there are many people here who would be alarmed by meeting people from different countries."

It is only a matter of centuries since the Qunari arrived, after all.
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Josephine is enjoying the game as well, and makes a mental note to practice so that she is better prepared for next time (if there is to be a next time). "My favourite aspect of my role is helping people see eye-to-eye on issues in which they believe there to be no compromise."

If there's anything Josephine knows it's that there is always some ability to compromise.
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"When no-one is wholly disappointed," she corrects, her own smile widening as she teases him. "Do they have this game where you're from?" she asks, with a gesture to the chessboard.
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"And not a bad one at all, all possibilities considered," she replies as she considers her next move. She can't help but feel she's lost the upper hand somehow, if she even had it in the first place.

Which leads her to her next thought. "Three levels? What do you mean, three levels? I've never heard of such a thing."