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she planned ahead for a year, he said let's play it by ear

WHO: Gwenaëlle Vauquelin, Benevenuta Thevenet, and YOU.
WHAT: A catch-all.
WHEN: This month.
WHERE: Skyhold, Orlais.
NOTES: Hit me up on plurk ([plurk.com profile] matriarchal) or discord (demis#8828) if you want a starter! Or feel free to pop something in yourself, ~wild cards~ I'll roll with it. This is just the ~ladies~ because I want to hold off on new Martel stuff until plot progresses. Also, starters in the comments because #aesthetic.

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Fortunately, Josephine is still in her office on this occasion - these letters won't write themselves, however much she is beginning to wish they could - when Gwenaëlle bursts into the room in a relative state of disarray. Josephine doesn't let much surprise show on her face but it is there, in the almost imperceptible lift of her eyebrows. "Lady Vauquelin," she starts, laying her quill across her parchment and giving Gwenaëlle the courtesy of her full attention, "I do believe I have the time. Is something wrong?"
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With the remark about the crystals, things start to fall into place, but only just. She does her best to keep up-to-date with the conversations but sometimes, busy as she is, she can only skim some days.

Her brow creases slightly as she tries to remember. "I do believe I recall something about a dwarf... and a burglary?" She finds herself wishing she had paid more attention now, so she wouldn't feel so caught unaware.
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Oh, Gwenaëlle. Josephine's gaze softens slightly, her lips settling into what she hopes to be a reassuring smile. "The Inquisition is to be a refuge for all who require it," she starts, before looking over the woman once more, taking in her posture, her fluster. "In any case, your family's money is not the only reason your presence here is appreciated." Perhaps if the worst case scenario were to be realised, Gwenaëlle would find herself in more modest accommodations, but as that is unlikely to settle the woman any, Josephine allows it to remain unsaid.

"I do thank you for your warning, however. With the notice you have given me, I will be able to ensure that your worries...should not come to pass."
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Josephine can only smile at Gwenaëlle's continued confusion, and the very telling wrinkle of the nose almost makes her want to laugh and perhaps she would've, if she suspected it would have been helpful in this situation. Instead, she settles for reassurance, and goes about repeating herself. "As I said, your presence here is appreciated beyond your family's financial contributions to our cause." And Josephine will repeat it gas many times as is necessary for Gwenaëlle to accept it, or at the very least, regain her composure.

"In any case, I believe I have some measure of experience in dealing with such matters. If he decides to make such fuss, he will wish that he had not.

Gently, of course," Josephine adds, just in case it needs to be said. "A gentle reminder of the worthiness of contributing to the Inquisition's cause."
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Josephine tilts her head to the side and allows her smile to widen slightly at its corners. Oh, but how she does love to work unrestrained. "I will keep that in mind," she assures Gwenaëlle, and if one looks closely they might see that Josephine's eyes appear to be... twinkling?

"In any case, I will keep you updated on any developments that would be relevant to you. I hope this has addressed your concerns somewhat."
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"You are welcome," Josephine answers, eyes still bright. She leans in slightly over the table. "Truly, it is my pleasure. Should any new issues arise, please do not hesitate to let me know.