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[Open] Autumn is a Second Spring

WHO: Bethany Hawke and You
WHAT: Teaching, knitting, reading, and surprise ... bringing stuff for baking.
WHEN: Last two weeks of September (Kingsway)
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: Warnings for cheekiness?


Fall is fast approaching, and with that, the need for warmer clothes is coming to Skyhold. Bethany is always all about doing her part for the refugees, so one might find her out enjoying the early fall sunshine in the gardens, skeens of yarn before her as she knits blankets, sweaters scarves and hats of all sizes and colors. Sometimes, she will have a book in her lap, reading while her needles click away, murmuring under her breath as she reads.


When Bethany agreed to help Merrill teach the Rifters about varying aspects of Thedas, she never thought she would find herself teaching so many other people as well. Today's lesson is a simple one - she is teaching the tale of 'Every Grey Warden', quoting it from memory as she looked out on a number of faces - young, old, dirty and clean. Some familiar, some not.

"The Blight had ravaged the land for months; the armies of the great kings amassed for one last stand. As the sun burst through the clouds that boiled and churned in the dark sky, it illuminated a vast seething horde of darkspawn with the Archdemon at its head.

It was then— when courage seemed to fail and all lost to death and despair — that the Grey Wardens came...."


Ever since that young cook Avery had spoken out about people stealing baking supplies, whenever Bethany wanted into the kitchen, she would bring her own - larger bags than what she needed so she could share with the chefs and of course, continue garnering goodwill. Today, she brought in a basket with eggs, along with a small sack of flour and apples, along with a smaller sack of sugar and some cinnamon sticks.

She peered inside, beaming at the cooks, and chatted them up as she charmed her way into using some of the tins and some of their tools to make fresh apple tarts for the Wardens down below. You could find her there, a smudge of flour on one cheek, telling a rather saucy tale about the time Isabela got them all into a game of Strip Wicked Grace.

"So then - Marian looks over at me and I can tell - I can just tell that's she's got nothing on her besides a very small hand ... and I have this sinking feeling that this might be one of the days she decided not to wear smallclothes..."

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Josephine has been spending more time in the gardens of late, and it looks like she's not the only person. Perhaps everyone is trying to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the Frostback winter settles in, sharp and cruel and cold.

It's on a day that Bethany is knitting a scarf while reading the book on her lap that Josephine makes her approach. "It's amazing you can pay attention to both tasks at once, Lady Hawke," she remarks once she's close enough to be heard without difficulty.
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"Recognizing the value of something and becoming accomplished at it are not one and the same," she answered, although she inclined her head in acceptance of the compliment all the same. "In any case, I never learnt to knit well. My classes in my youth were mostly limited to embroidery."

Ah, the trappings of nobility, where appearances matter more than mere functionality. She gestured to a space near Bethany. "Do you mind if I sit a while?"
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"More important?" Josephine questions as she moves to sit down in the offered spot. "It depends on your perspective, I supose. The Inquisition's diplomatic efforts would be for naught if we froze to death in the winter."

Properly seated, now, she gives Bethany's handiwork a once-over. "I would not mind learning the basics, if it is not too much of a bother."
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"I expect it will take some time to learn," Josephine agrees, watching the movements of Bethany's hands with fascination. "How old were you when you first started knitting?"
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"No-one is good at everything," Josephine agrees, absently nodding as she watches Bethany's hands work, truly realising the truth of her own words as she struggles to keep up. "Not even the Champion of Kirkwall."
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That admission makes Josephine pause for a bit, looking over Bethany with newfound consideration. "Would you want to be a better liar?" she asks, unable to keep the surprise out of her voice.
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"Lying is different to keeping secrets, I feel. Certainly, there is some overlap, but personally, I see the two as having different intentions."
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She folded her hands in her lap, sparing a glance down briefly before looking back up at Bethany. "Secrets, I feel, are best kept for the safety of others, whereas lies tend to be mostly for the benefit of oneself." She laughed lightly after she spoke, then adding. "Then again, I am no spy master, so I fear you might be asking the wrong person."
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Josephine chuckled slightly, canting her head slightly as she regarded the other woman. "So how skilled are you at keeping secrets?"
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Josephine cannot help but laugh at that, a low chuckle full of mirth. "See? You are more talented than you think."
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"As I said," Josephine started with a tilt of the head, "we all have our own special talents." She brushes her hands against her skirts as she moved to stand once more. "In any case, I believe I've taken up enough of your time today."
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"And I you, Lady Bethany."