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[ Open ] You are a Giant Redwood, Falling on a Family of Deer

WHO: Avery and OPEN
WHAT: Another post-shardbearer-plot (this one) post! This one a slightly wider spread catch-all
WHEN: Late September/early October
WHERE: Around Skyhold
NOTES: Warning for grouchy, injured baker! Also, potential references to violence and torture and gore from said shardbearer plot


Anyone coming in for a visit or just down here passing by over these few weeks is probably going to be hearing a lot more banging and clattering and cursing than usual before they even reach the doors. Sounds which further investigation will reveal to be the sweet music of a very frustrated Avery trying to navigate the narrow spaces between counters in here sporting a sling on one arm and a crutch under the other. What with her junked-up shoulder and still heavily bandaged leg, y'know?

If they're lucky, they might even get the pleasure of seeing her fumble at doing simple tasks one-handed or knock over a tray of breadrolls with her crutch and transcend anger into a quantum state of silent fuming. The kitchen has never betrayed her like this before.

Healing Tents

Hopefully it won't be like that for too much longer though. And it's this hope that has Avery diligently visiting the healing tents at the appropriate intervals to have the progress of her wounds checked on. The shoulder, thankfully, is not so bad, as long as she makes sure to keep from moving it around too much for a while, but the leg... Well, it turns out giant, magical wolf bites don't really give a damn about magical healing. They're stubborn like that and refuse to go away on anyone's schedule but their own!


During those moments when Avery doesn't have reason to visit the healing tents but has been shooed out of the kitchen to do this thing called... relaxing? (She thinks she might have heard of it once, but she really has no idea what such a strange and foreign concept could truly be. It sounds like a trap.) She usually wanders down to the stables to check in with some of her favorite horses and maybe have a go at brushing out their manes and tails while she's at it. Hopefully without being disturbed by anyone, but everyone knows how likely that is to work out for her.

Training Grounds

Though lately she's been spending a little time watching the soldiers train as well. She's not a terrible fighter herself, but most of what she knows is about how to make your average bully or mugger eat their own teeth. If she'd had real battle training like these people, would things have gone differently on that last mission? She can't help but wonder about it as she silently observes.
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It as just as Josephine enters the kitchens that she is greeted by the sight of Avery knocking an entire tray of bread down to the ground with her crutch. It makes an obnoxiously loud clatter as it crashes onto the floor.

Before Josephine is quite aware of the futility of what she is doing, she's bending down and scooping some of the uncooked breadrolls into her hands.

"Is everything all right?"

Everything is decidedly not all right, but Josephine is kind enough to give Avery the opportunity to decline her assistance if she does not desire it.
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"I--" Josephine looks at the dough in her hands as though she has just noticed it for the first time. "Ah, what should I do with these?"

Another moment passes before she really seems to take stock of the situation, evaluating the state that Avery appears to be in. "You are injured." It is not a question, but more a statement. A statement of concern.

Avery, your behaviour is worrying Josephine.
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Josephine drifts over to the bin to dispose of the bread, but it still does not stop her worrying. "Of course, these things happen," Josephine starts as she lets the dough tumble from her arms. Not usually to the cooks, she thinks, but she, too, lets that thought remain unspoken.

"Should you not be resting? I would not want to see you aggravate your injuries."
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"I wouldn't call you a freeloader!" Josephine exclaims in all earnestness, wiping her hands together as she attempts to remove some of the lingering flour. "If you are injured in the service of the Inquisition, who would dare claim you have not done your duty?" If such people exist, do point Josephine in their direction. She will...scold them. Harshly.

"In any case, I did not come by merely to disturb you." Her gaze flickers to the vegetables Avery is setting up on the bench. "Oh! Perhaps I could even assist you in some capacity."
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"I have the time," Josephine assures her, making her way over to the bench. "Just tell me what to do and I shall try my best."
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Josephine looks from Avery to the bench, and feeling slightly embarrassed, ducks her head. "I have not."
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Josephine accepts the apron graciously, taking some assurance in the fact that putting it on is something she knows she can do. Once she's tied it into place, she smiles at Avery, a wide genuine smile that goes all the way to the corner of her eyes.

"I am ready."
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Jospehine watches Avery's fingers move with admirable dexterity, doing her best to watch how the woman moves the potato against the knife. Her own hands, she knows, are better for holding the shaft of a quill than for preparing meals. Still, she's determined to give this her best attempt, so she gestures at the nearby pile of potatoes and asks, "I suppose it is my turn now?"
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Without any further ado, Josephine picks up the knife Avery had set down. It takes her a moment or two to find a comfortable grip on the handle, but once she does, she takes a potato from the pile and looks at her equipment with a look of steadfast determination. Her tongue peeks out of the corner of her mouth as she attempts to peel her first potato; it goes better than she had anticipated, although she does hit a snag here and there when she loses her rhythm.

"Is this right?" she asks Avery.
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"It would be a strange matter to lie about," Josephine protests, her voice laced with amusement nonetheless. "If I have, it was not frequently enough to remember ever doing so." Successfully peeled, she places the first potato down and picks up another.

"Should I keep going?"
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Josephine goes about peeling the second potato, with slightly more success than she'd had with her first. "How are we going to cut them up?" she asks.
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Josephine, sadly, just stares at the broccoli with a look of utter bemusement on her face. "Uhm," she starts, feeling suprisingly more flustered than the situation truly entails, "What is a 'floret'?" Flushing slightly, she drops her head before adding, "I tried to watch your hands as you explained but... it still escaped me, I fear."
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Josephine leans in and peers into the depths of the broccoli with such intensity one could he forgiven for thinking she suspects it is hiding secrets from her. "Floret... a little flower. Ah, I think I get it!"

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