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[ OPEN ] Do you believe in magic?

WHO: Jim Kirk & Anyone
WHAT: Catchall through Harvestmere (October)
WHEN: Timing (backdated, covering a span, etc.)
WHERE: Location
NOTES: Content warnings, OOC notes, links to other relevant posts, etc.

A - The Magic Man's Come and He's Here to Stay
The morning that changed it all had not begun like he'd expected, obviously. It had been rather embarrassing actually (not that he would be recounting that particular part of the story, especially when he would be apologizing for it for the rest of the month most likely). But ever since the change had happened, he began to make regular trips outside of the walls of Skyhold and out into the forests, away from the immediate eyes and ears of the general masses.

After all, he didn't need everyone looking in on him as he pointed his shard-embedded hand at a tree, waiting for something to happen. He felt terribly foolish, but he knew he had shot a beam from his shard - several times, in fact. Whatever was happening, it wasn't a fluke, and he had better learn to control it less it get away from him in a critical moment.

"On!" Pause. "Fire!" Another pause. "Damn it, do something!"


"Please don't let that be my trigger phrase...."

B - Listen Up, I Never Say Anything Twice (Classes)
Currently, Kirk run three classes, all at varying times. It made for an interesting schedule, but it kept him busy, and he enjoyed it. All three classes were open to anyone who wished to join, which meant his classes often had mixed skill levels.

Mathematics had Kirk walking between the students, grouping them according to kill level and doing mini-sessions. With the smallest ones or those with no knowledge he focused on the basics, patiently pointing out how to handle the equations. The groups went up from there, and after a bit Kirk clapped his hands to get their attention.

"All right, who wants to play a game?"


Once math was over, he moved on to the sciences. His focus for right now was an understanding of the human body (he was not comfortable enough in the physiology of the other races to teach it), and overall health, along with natural science such as how weather worked. Really it varied, and every lesson could get easily derailed as students asked questions and he expanded.

"All right, all right - anything else before I move on?"


And of course there was self defense classes, focusing on hand-to-hand combat. Like his other classes, he paired skill level with skill level. Unlike his other two, he was far more strict here, walking between partners, critiquing and demonstrating.

"Come on, go at it for real!" he called. "This is practice for a real life situation, so better treat it like one!"

C - The Man About Town
When not practicing with his shard or teaching his classes, Kirk was running errands around Skyhold, acting as a sort of courier for businesses. It wasn't the best pay, but it saw him through the days. It meant he ran between businesses in the market and even around the medical tents.

He spent time at the stables as well, working on his horsemanship, or visiting with Boggie. He could often be seen talking to him and petting the bog unicorn, sometimes with his cats, Leonard and Nikita, in tow.

Of course he would make appearances at the tavern, happy to sit and enjoy an evening of music and song with drink in hand. Some nights he could convinced to sing of his strange, other-worldly songs too.
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The feedback she had received from her friends and associates these past few months had been clear: she needed to get out more. While the tavern hadn't been the first place people associated with the elegant ambassador, she came often enough these days, nobody so much as batted an eye anymore.

It's with a cup of wine in hand that she approaches Kirk, a sly smile on her face. "I do believe I heard you singing the other night."
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"I enjoyed it!" she exclaimed with a laugh, leaning forward in all her earnestness. "It is good to hear something different; even Oh Grey Warden loses its appeal after its thirtieth rendition." Taking a sip of her wine, she asked, "Will you sing again tonight? I would quite like to hear you once more."
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She regarded him over the tip of her glass, taking a few moments to think before suggesting, "Perhaps something more upbeat would suit the mood I am in tonight." His put-upon reluctance made her laugh, though, as she added, "I did not know that people had to indulge me simply because of my position here. Perhaps I shall keep that in mind."
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She laughed in return at his question, but did not speak further, allowing him to choose a song in relative silence. Watching him closely as he began to sing, she soon found herself enraptured by the man's melodious voice and also interpreting the lyrics of his chosen song.

"I liked it!" she exclaimed once he was finished and close enough for her to have his attention once more. "It was very different to the popular music here, but that is not necessarily bad." She paused to smile, head tilted ever-so-slightly to the side. "It seems an odd subject matter to sing about, however."
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"Oh, it is about love!" Josephine says with a surprised laugh, before taking another mouthful of wine. "I thought it might be, but -- it sounded rather more violent than such a topic should be." She rolled her shoulders. "Is love supposed to be like that?"
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"Oh, I'm certainly not disagreeing. Apologies if I've made it sound so. I was just...over-analysing, I suppose." She smiled ruefully. "I've been told I have a tendency to do that."
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"I suppose not," she conceded, with an incline of the head to suggest she saw the man's point. "Still, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be nice to be able to turn it off when it wasn't necessary."
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"Well, I do believe I am already well-equipped when it comes to drink," she starts, gesturing with her drink. "I think I would like the practice," she continues, before taking the offered seat and making herself comfortable. "Has Skyhold been treating you well?"
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She laughed almost on cue at his words before smiling over the rim of her glass. "Ah, you flatter me too much, I think - surely the usual company at the tavern is not so intolerable?"
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Jospehine laughed again, short and mirthful. "In that case, I will do my best to retain full control of my faculties." Taking a sip of wine as her eyes swept the room, Josephine then leaned over the table and lowered her voice conspiratorially. "How many of the patrons do you think are so far into their cups already?"