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WHO: Cullen, Puppy, a four three year old prince, and you
WHAT: commandering
WHEN: whole month
NOTES: So, yeah, Cullen is just basically collecting small cute things. Newest one is a prince from the Anderfels.

It's a little unsettling how much overlap there is between caring for a small child and caring for a dog. Unsettling, but it works for Cullen. He has vague memories of being this age. he knows what he wanted, and while the circumstances were very different from Baldewin's upbringing, he figures at the heart of things, all children are probably the same.

He lets the boy play with Puppy. They two are contented to spend massive amounts of time together. While the boy is less thrilled to be stuck in Cullen's office all day, he understands that this is where he needs to be. Of course, big sad eyes and repeated pictures drawn for the man of the three of them playing in grass and surrounded by trees and rocks and other people does tend to wear him down. Some work is portable. Cullen can be seen in courtyards quite often, a small box of work at his feet, and Baldewin and Puppy playing within his line of vision. You don't have to come spend time with all of them, but if you're around for long enough in any capacity, chances are the tiny prince will draw you a picture.

Young boys also get dirty. Very dirty. Very often. Even exiled princes, it seems. Perhaps especially exiled princes, free from the shackles of the title and able to enjoy their childhood for the first time. There's freedom that comes in shedding the mantle of royalty. If you see Cullen at the hot springs during the day, he will most likely be sitting near the a shallow area in some cloth trousers bathing the day's dirt off of the little boy. Puppy will try to help. Puppy will not actually be much help.

He still goes to the hot springs late at night for himself, though now these trips no longer involve Puppy. Whenever Cullen is not with them, Puppy has been tasked with watching after the prince, and is taking his new role as royal guard dog very seriously. ANyone attempting to approach the sleeping child is going to get a chunk taken out of them by a mabari. Not figuratively.
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It's on a quiet morning in the middle of Harvestmere that Josephine decides to make her way up to Cullen's office to see how he is coping with his new responsibilities. She hasn't spent much time up on the battlements of late, and it feels strange to be approaching the Commander is his own domain, so to speak, when they most frequently meet in the War Room.

Ah, but it not to be helped, and it's not like Josephine is intimidated by the man. It's just -- they have so little in common.

Once she's arrived at her destination, she knocks politely on the door. "Commander?"
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Josephine offers the young prince a curtsy in return; it is simply good practice, she feels. "Good day, Prince Baldewin," she says, before looking over the young boy's head to instead catch Cullen's eye. "I have, ah, decided to come by to see if you need help with anything." Her gaze drops back to the prince, whom she offers a smile.
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Josephine slaps a hand to her mouth, letting out an amused, but shaky, gasp. "Oh, it is quite alright, Commander. I should be more careful. You know what they say - the walls have ears, even up here." Yes, even Cullen's office is not free from the trappings of the Game and all that comes with it.

For now, however, she simply allows the little prince to pull her along and show her the desk that has been set up for him. After a moment, she sits on the floor more gracefully than such a movement should be able to be performed, tapping against the most recent of Baldewin's drawings. "Oh, what do we have here?"