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Our aspirations are wrapped up in books

WHO: Hermione Granger and Open!
WHAT: There's a new witch mage wandering around Skyhold. Come say hello?
WHEN: Backdated to her arrival near the end of Guardian and onward throughout Drakonis.
WHERE: The library. All over Skyhold. But mostly its library.
NOTES: Feel free to run into her pretty much anywhere, or have her run into you. And be prepared for all the questions about your character and Thedas/their homeworld and everything in between.

If not for the fact that Hermione had spent so many of her formative years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Skyhold might have been overwhelming

As it was, the sprawling fortress was a little hard to get used to, since the academic environment that had given Hogwarts some sense of structure amidst the chaos wasn't present here. There was a library, thankfully, and she spent much of her time there, though it was so small that she was certain she'd end up reading every book in there in two weeks' time if she didn't actually go out and explore the rest of her surroundings.

And so every so often, she pried herself away from the cold little corner she'd set aside for herself and wander the rest of the area, though granted, she more often than not was carrying at least one book with her. Usually it was one of the books that had survived the trip through the Fade; anyone who might spot her in the garden or tavern or a safe distance away from the sparring going on in the training grounds might notice her engrossed in such unfamiliar titles as Hogwarts, A History or occasionally digging through Spellman's Syllabary in the vain hope of finding recognizable runes on various inscriptions throughout Skyhold.

After all, just because she was endlessly fascinated by all the new people and cultures and history and magic, it didn't mean she didn't occasionally need a bittersweet reminder of home. Especially when her other major reminder was her wand, which - despite the fact that she'd taken to finding the most solitary places she could find and practicing with it harder than she ever had the night before an exam - still wasn't behaving properly at all. Apologies to those of you who end up slipping on some wayward ice or getting sprayed with pebbles from a spell gone wrong.

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Josephine is returning from an errand when she notices the stranger. She doesn't get out of her office too often these days, so it is not so unusual to run into more people that she doesn't know. However, Josephine likes to know people, and she hasn't taken the chance to strike up much idle conversation lately.

Mind made up, she begins to make her way over. It is when she draws closer that Josephine realises that this young woman is no mere refugee or soldier, but as a matter of fact, most likely a rifter. She falls into step with the woman, almost shyly before asking, "If you're busy, I'll not disturb you further, but I couldn't help but notice..." Her eyes fall to the books in the woman's hands. "I don't believe I've heard of Hogwarts before."
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At Hermione's answer, Josephine's eyes light up in delight. "So, you are a rifter. I always wonder what you all must think of Thedas. It is a shame you could not come during less tumultuous times. There is much--" And Josephine realises she is rambling; she cuts herself off and does her best to restrain herself.

"Hm. In any case, I can understand the homesickness to some small degree. I may not have come as far as you, but I miss it. I hope your stay so far has been pleasant enough, despite the current circumstances?"
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Josephine answers with an enthusiastic nod of the head, and moves to grasp Hermione's hand for a firm, if short, shake. "Ah! Yes. I am. I apologise; it is most remiss of me to neglect to introduce myself before I start asking you all these questions! Josephine Montilyet, Ambassador for the Inquisition, at your service."

In truth, Josephine rarely has to introduce herself these days, having grown accustomed to being recognised by people she's never met before. It's both humbling and relieving to know that her reputation has not preceded her everywhere.

"Specifically, I am from Antiva. Have you heard much of my home country yet?"
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hermione said the magic words

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Josephine never minds talking of her homeland, and speaking of Antiva to a willing audience is even more compelling. Her eyes brighten in delight as she begins her explanation. "Ah, of course not! I am always happy to answer any questions people might have of Antiva. I do not know how well you know your Thedosian geography, but Antiva... she is a country to the north-east of here, located on the western shore of the Rilato Bay. The climate there is much warmer..." she frowns as though remembering just how cold she is, and she lifts up her arms so she may look at her sleeves in barely-disguised disdain.

"No need for quite so many layers. How anyone can stand being so cold and isolated is beyond my comprehension." Unfortunately, given the nature of her work with the Inquisition, Josephine is learning, however slowly. "It is just not the weather I miss. I also miss the people. Certainly, the Inquisition has many members, from all over this world and others." Here, she inclines her head towards Hermione to exemplify just what 'others' she is talking about. "We Antivans are... somewhat different from many of the other cultures of Thedas, however. Orlesians enjoy duplicity, creating a game, the Game, from scandals and intrigues while pretending they have no such interest in such things. Fereldens are a more down-to-earth folk, who prefer sensibility and practicality above all else. Certainly, they see more Orlesian interests as nothing short of frivolous." Josephine could go on to describe each nation in Thedas in turn but she reigns herself in for Hermione has asked after Antiva in particular, and she should refocus her attentions on answering the young woman's questions.

"Antivans...ah, perhaps you could imagine us with all the so-called frivolity of the Orlesians, with none of the pretense. We see no shame in celebrating the finer things in life; that is probably why Antiva has the most extensive vinyards of all in Thedas." Here she smiles almost wistfully. She has had to lower her standards somewhat when it comes to her drink ever since she arrived in the Frostbacks.

"We are also one of the most politically neutral nations of Thedas." She inclines her head slightly here, the gesture intended to acknowledge that what she says next comes from a certain place of bias. "We try not to become involved in other people's wars when we can help it. Indeed, Antiva has no standing military. I am very lucky. It was a good place to develop my skills at diplomacy. That being said, I had spent much time in Orlais in recent years due to my past position as the Ambassador to Orlais for Antiva. I had only just returned to my homeland before, well, everything happened." Here, her gaze flits upwards. No matter where one might stand, the Breach is ever-present, ever-glowing.

"While it pained me to leave my family so quickly, my skills are needed here. The Inquisition is the best chance we all have in addressing the unrest that exists in Thedas, and although..." Although Evelyn is dead she wants to say but the words stick in her throat, an unexpected choke of grief. Although Evelyn is dead I still hope we can close the hole in the sky. She can't bring herself to say the words, not to a stranger, not now, so instead she cuts herself off again, doing her very best to displace the emotions that overwhelm her so she can deliver the most relevant information to this woman.

"I apolgise, I fear I have rambled for far too long. Nonetheless, I hope I answered some of the questions you might have about Antiva."
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“It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa"

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"I'm sure the Inquisition's work will take us to Antiva sooner or later. When the time comes, you could sign up for any related missions." As she makes the suggestion, her mouth curls into a wistful smile. Oh, how she wishes she could return to Antiva, even for a short trip, but she is self-aware enough to know that she is of little use out in the field, and also that if she were to go home, her reluctance to return to Skyhold would increase tenfold.

"In any case, so much of the Antivan economy is dependent on strong trading ties with the rest of Thedas, so it is in our best interests to remain politically neutral. For how the country has resisted aggression and invasion..." Her smiles widens slightly. "Have you heard of the House of Crows?"
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What is the best way to describe the House of Crows to someone who has little knowledge of the political workings of Thedas? Josephine appears to pause, giving her words serious consideration. "Ah, what is the best way to explain the Crows? Simply put, they are a guild of assassins. Many rulers of other nations are reluctant to make a move against Antiva lest they find themselves murdered in their sleep. Did you have anything like it where you're from?"
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The mention of secrecy elicits a raised eyebrow from Josephine; while such a group would, as a matter of course, want to keep their actions secret, what is there to achieve from keeping its existence hidden. "It is not government-sanctioned as such as it is... ah, how do they say it? The monarchy is something of a figurehead, with the true political power resting in the hands of the merchant princes."
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Josephine wonders the best way to put this delicately, to explain the situation to someone who might not be so accustomed to the way that Antiva runs her affairs. "Perhaps not as routinely as it is when necessary." Her fingers of her hand spread atop the book she holds as she asks, "In any case, there is less bloodshed than full-scale war."